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The Performance - The Practice/Practise

A beautiful poster for your studio...

Do you love beautiful posters in your music studio? We do too! And, we love to share the story of this poster representing the hard work that goes into creating a good performance. It is a wonderful tale to share with your students.

And we'd like you to have this lovely poster with our compliments!

Here's what to do...

STEP 1:   Download the hi-resolution image files in the size that works best for you.

STEP 2: Print your poster.
The A4 you can print at home if you have a colour printer but for a great looking poster it's best do this kind of printing at your local print shop. Simply email or take the image on a memory stick down to your local print shop.

TIP: Officeworks is great for this sort of printing and you may find a frame there as well.

STEP 3: Frame & Hang.
The Large Poster is sized for IKEA frames. Shown here in 'Ribba', all of the large IKEA frames need a poster in this custom dimension. You guessed it! It's not a standard size!

We hope you love this poster as much as we do! Let us know how you go...

A4 Size

A3 Size

Large Poster
(fits in an IKEA Ribba Frame - 61cm x 91cm)

Just one thing...

There are just so many choices of exam syllabus these days and we're keen to support teachers going forward with relevant articles and resources to help you in your teaching. So we're really interested to know which exam syllabus or syllabi you are using and if you specialise in one syllabus or use a couple of different syllabi depending on the student. (tick as many as apply)