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Wilbecks Match Up Magnets Note Value & Rhythms

The Match-up Magnets enable students to learn and practice crucial aspects of music theory through hands-on interaction. As the proverb says, "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."

The Note and Rest Value Magnets are for students to practice the fundamentals of rhythm.
• Students can practice matching 12 notes and rests with their correct name and number of beats.
• The magnets match up with a zigzag pattern, which keeps the notes/rests on the left, the note names in the middle, and the number of beats on the right.
• The set includes both US and UK note/rest names.

The Rhythm Magnets help learners to gain an understanding and feel for rhythm.
• Students can mix and match the magnets to build bars of duple, triple and quadruple rhythms, to see how rhythm works in simple time.
• Students can clap the bars to a teacher, to hear and feel the rhythms they have built.

The Match-up Magnets are made of quarter inch (6mm) thick magnetic-backed foam, making them easy to pick up and place on the Magnetic Stave.

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SKU: WB010