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Wilbecks Magnetic Stave Whiteboard Large

The Large Magnetic Stave is a foldable, double-sided magnetic whiteboard. The music stave is on the inside, and a blank work space is on the outside.
• Foldable for portability
• Folds in half and fits into a standard backpack
• Whiteboard both sides
• Both the inside and the outside have writeable and erasable surfaces.
• Magnetic both sides
• The music stave side is great for using with the Notation Magnets and the Easy Notes Magnets
• The blank workspace side is great for using with the Match-up Magnets. It's an excellent space for teaching, learning and brainstorming!
• Sits on the music stand of a piano or on a free-standing music stand
• The Large Magnetic Stave measures 20x16 inches (50x40cm) and folds to 10x16 inches (25x40cm)
• Comes with a whiteboard pen and 12 black magnetic buttons
• The printed Grand Stave is the same on both the Large and the Small Magnetic Staves, ie. the stave lines are the same distance apart. Both Magnetic Staves work with all of the Wilbecks magnets - the Notation magnets, the Match-up magnets and the Easy Notes magnets.
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SKU: WB006