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Superhero Sebastian

'Superhero Sebastian', composed by Mark Matthews, is an album of seven pieces.

This album contains music suitable for Preliminary to Grade 4 students. This digital download includes a PDF document of the piano sheet music.

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  • Sebastian Saves the Sanitiser! - Prelim & Gr 1
  • Stealthy Sebastian Saves the Day! - Gr 1
  • Sebastian Solves the Syntax - Gr 2
  • Suave Sebastian Saves Princess Suite - Gr 1
  • The Superhero Saunter - Gr 1
  • The Sebastian Swagger - Gr 2
  • Sebastian Superhero - Gr 3 & Gr 4

Mark and Sebastian have been fundraising for ‘Redkite – supporting children and young people through cancer’ since 2005. Their regular concerts feature his piano students and other local talent who come together the promote the Redkite cause and request people give to the national charity. It assists cancer sufferers and their families via financial support, meeting ongoing educational needs, community interaction and best of all music therapy for the child going through the journey.

You can help Mark in his venture by making a safe, secure, fully tax deductible on line donation at the following 2020 link: