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John Thompson's Modern Course For The Piano is the essential Piano method for beginner students of all ages at Grade 1. This improved 2012 edition has updated diagrams, clearer musical notation, enhanced overall design and comes with a CD included.

Clearly written, fun and easy to understand, the Modern Course For The Piano is a proven favourite with Piano teachers and students worldwide, with millions of copies sold. Coming from John Thompson, the author of still the most widely used Piano method in the world, you can be sure that quality and consistency will be the number one feature of this tutorial for beginner Piano players.

This First Grade Book provides an excellent start to your studies and includes:

  • 50 Easy-to-play pieces
  • A CD containing backing tracks and performances of each piece
  • Helpful technical exercises
  • Fundamental lessons on scales and music theory
Helping students to both think and feel musically, the Modern Course is the most effective and enjoyable way to learn the Piano.
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