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Minor Variations

'Minor Variations', composed by Mark Matthews, is an album of seven pieces which takes four bar chord progressions and improvises on them. Learning pieces in "Minor Variation" is a great way for kids to experience improvisation with chord progressions! 

This album contains music suitable for Mid Intermediate to Early Advanced students or Grade 3 - Gr 6 students.

This digital download includes a PDF document of the piano sheet music.

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SKU: MM003


  • Marking time - Mid Intermediate/Gr 3
  • Marking time - Late Intermediate/Gr 4
  • Time's a waiting - Late Intermediate/Gr 4
  • Time to time - Late Intermediate/Gr 4
  • Pastimes - Late Intermediate/Gr 4
  • Time no more - Early Advanced/Gr 6
  • All in good time- Early Advanced/Gr 6