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The Jazzabilities series introduces the student to the sounds of jazz through short exercises and performance pieces. The emphasis is on developing rhythmic control through jazzy melodic and harmonic bits-in essence, building a jazz vocabulary. Jazzabilities Book 2 reinforces the swing rhythms and patterns learned in Book 1, while introducing the triplet and basic blues theory. The key to any successful performance is rhythmic control. Jazzabilities helps develop this control by isolating and mastering short rhythmic patterns before playing them. There is clear and simple instructions for the student and the teacher in the book's introduction. Basic improvisation is also introduced. The Jazzabilities series will consist of three books. The rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic vocabulary learned in the series will prepare the student for more advanced study in jazz theory and repertoire. Each Jazzabilities book has a corresponding repertoire book called Jazz Connection. The three Jazz Connection books reinforce the concepts learned in Jazzabilities through entertaining performance pieces in a variety of jazz styles. MIDI/CD orchestrations are available for both series.
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