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The Adult Piano Method Book 2 begins with a brief review of concepts covered in Book 1, then proceeds step-by-step through 5-finger patterns in C, G, and F - all the way through to major scales in the keys of C, G, and F and their related scales A, E and D minor. Just as in Book 1, the imaginative and entertaining music found throughout Book 2 makes learning a pleasure and a key factor for student success. Great solos emphasizeand support the introduction of new concepts in logical, steady sequenc e. These enticing solos encourage students to move ahead, and they are rewarded with two great arrangements from every adult's Top Ten list: TheEntertainer, and Für Elise. Improvs, Quick Licks, Ad Libs, Sight Readin g, and Technique Tips sprinkled throughout focus on using new skills andadd musical fun along the way. Online audio accompaniments are by Phillip Keveren.
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