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Perfect pitch is the ability to recognize musical tones by ear is often viewed as a kind of magic power and gift that only a select few musicians are born with; a skill that cannot be learned. But perfect pitch is largely a misunderstood phenomenon. Hal Leonard Perfect Pitch Method will help you improve and develop your own sense of pitch and in the process, your overall musicianship will benefit. You'll start to hear music on a deeper level and feel greater satisfaction from being able to play by ear. At the heart of this book is a series of 49 ear-training sessions, one per day for seven weeks, using the CDs or the online audio. Many of the lessons include three separate drills. You can do just one and save the others for later, or all three at the same time. Take your time, advancing to the next session only when you're satisfied with your results on the previous session. Pretty soon, you'll notice a marked improvement in your pitch ability!"
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