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The Wide Brown Land For Me

'The Wide Brown Land For Me', composed by Mark Matthews, is an album of five songs inspired by the probably the most famous Australian poem Dorothea MacKellar's, My Country. 

The vast country of Australia has a deep resonating call to it's people which dates back to the time of Dorothea MacKellar in the early 1900's  Even though they can sometimes fall victim to it's savage climate cycle of drought, bushfires and floods, Australians feel a deep sense of love, pride and belonging to 'The Wide Brown Land'. These themes along with the resilience of its people are woven into the music from this album.

This album contains music suitable for Grade 2 - Grade 6 students. This digital download includes a PDF document of the piano sheet music and is STUDIO LICENSED.

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  • There's a drought about - Late Intermediate - Gr 4
  • After the fires came - Early Intermediate - Gr 2
  • After the fires came - Mid Intermediate - Gr 3
  • T-Storm! - Early Advanced - Gr 6
  • The first new growth - Late Intermediate - Gr 4
  • Rising from the ashes - Late Intermediate - Gr 4