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Dreaming at the Piano

'Dreaming at the Piano', composed by Barbara Arens, is an album of 12 pieces. This album contains music suitable for Grade 3 to 5 students. This digital download includes a PDF document of the piano sheet music.

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Dreaming at the Piano: 12 musing, meditative pieces for intermediate pianists

This was a joy to compose - so much introspective, dreamy music! My students helped me to think up the titles: Recurring Dreams, Dream Catcher, Dreaming under Starry Skies...These intermediate pieces, roughly grade 3-5, lie well under the fingers and are very expressive in many different ways.

  • Recurring Dreams
  • Gentle Dreams
  • Dreams of Mystery
  • Daydream
  • Dreaming under Starry Skies
  • Uneasy Dreams
  • Dreaming of Skye
  • Dreamcatcher
  • Dream by a Stream
  • Lake of Forgotten Dreams
  • Dreaming under Dark Clouds
  • Stardust