The step-by-step guide to updating yourself with the big changes in the new syllabus. We're going to share with you the key changes we've discovered, our list of 10 must have extra books along with some great tips for making learning scales fun and easy!


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Compiled by Gillian Erskine & Paul Myatt

So... What's inside?

Gillian Erskine & Paul Myatt

Scales & Technical has seen huge overhaul. Your students can even do exams without playing scales! Can you believe?

There's a bonus Piano Scale Hacks kit to download and try out with a student. Usually $4.95 per kit. We're giving away your choice of Piano Comprehensive or Piano for Leisure Grade 1.


Syllabus offer a range of flexibility we've never seen before. Now there are a range of alternatives, not a one size fits all. There is the comprehensive syllabus, and look out for the new Duet alternatives which could be a great option for some students


Extra lists have had a giant overhaul. YAY this is fantastic what has been done here. YES you can buy these books. In big need of an overhaul this section has lots of crowd pleasers. Find out more in our report.

We've even gone through the syllabus with a fine tooth comb to select the must haves for our Top Ten Extra List books for Prelim - Grade 4.


AMEB has released a new range of Series 18 Exam books with matching Scales and Technical books and Handbooks to make your life easy!


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Paul & Gillian have taught students of all ages and stages and prepared students for exams in a range of syllabus and have trained hundreds of teachers to teach music in how to teach using their own innovative whole body learning approach.


Theory FUNdamentals range are well known and loved by teachers and students which engage learners of all ages, are directly aligned with the AMEB syllabus and make learning theory fun!


Just wanted to say I LOVE your enthusiasm and am enjoying exploring the new AMEB syllabus so much and even bought several books of piano duets ... am having fun playing them with my former piano teacher... I like the Burgmuller too.



"I found the report helpful in working out what's new and what to focus on. Thanks also for the Scale Hacks kit. My student likes the diagrams and I'm about to make the flashcards so we can play some games. Thanks once again.



Thank you Paul for providing this very useful resource!




Thanks for sharing this. A great resource!